Our Story


W Road Collection grew out of a passion for travel, antiques and artisan handcrafted pieces. Since 2014 founder, we have been sourcing throughout Europe and the United States searching for authentic one-of-a-kind pieces that start a conversation. From primitives to refined period pieces, the curated collection blends styles and periods offering furniture, art, decorative arts and unique artisan pieces. In defining a speciality, we lean toward the craftsmanship, details and story of each piece, rather than toward a particular style or era, providing a global chic, eclectic mix from which clients may choose unique design worthy additions for their space. 

Our vision is not for just another antiques & interiors shop, but rather a place that is all encompassing for photographing inventory for online catalogues, storing additional inventory, as well as selling through appointments and periodic open hours. In 2019 such space was realized with the opening of our warehouse/gallery in North Chattanooga. We love being surrounded by creative people and enjoy offering our 30 foot infinity wall to local photographers for anything from wedding gown shoots, product shoots, corporate headshots and anything in between. With a gallery feel to the antiques displays the space provides a creative atmosphere for local artists and artisans to share their craft through classes and workshops. Periodic events featuring creatives and new arrivals builds upon this vision of a truly creative space that shares the stories of special pieces created by hand throughout the years, whether centuries or weeks past. 

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Our Name

The W Road that leads its winding way up Walden Ridge to Walden and Signal Mountain, Tennessee was completed in the late 1800’s as a way to bring people and their belongings up the mountain. While the original dirt base, the horses and wagons have been replaced by asphalt and cars, the stone walls, winding sharp curves and after a rain waterfalls remain as they were all those many years ago. 

The name derived from the literal shape of the road as aerial photographs confirm. We can imagine the stories connected to the people and their belongings as they made their way in and out of the road’s curves, leading to a summer respite in the cooler mountain air or for some to a completely new life - life that is for all of us a collection of stories about people, places and pieces that are found in the bends of our individual and collective journeys.