W Road Collection started in September 2014 with a trip to France, antique guides in Paris and Provence and a container shipment home of French and Scandinavian pieces. The provenance of the personally curated antiques and vintage pieces we found, the stories of the people we met and the places we visited are all now intertwined with our own story.  Our collection of European and American antiques is blended together with new and repurposed objects creating a new look, a new experience and a new chapter in the story of each piece.



Our Name


The W Road that leads its winding way up Walden Ridge to Walden and Signal Mountain, TN was completed in the late 1800’s as a way to bring goods and belongings up the mountain. While the original dirt base, the horses and the wagons have been replaced by asphalt and cars, the stone walls and winding sharp curves remain as they did all those many years ago. The name derived from the literal shape of the road as aerial photos attest. You can just imagine the stories connected to the people and belongings making their way in and out of the road’s curves, leading to something new.  The turns and curves and the W Road itself are  metaphors for Life. Life that is but a collection of stories, objects, people, places and ideas that are found in the curves of life’s journey.


W road Street Sign